About Us

Your partner in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Realities

Our Misson

Our mission is to help individuals, teams and businesses “unleash” their potential through the use of immersive technologies. We are passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and organisations be more effective in pursuing their own missions. This core belief in human potential is embodied in our name and logo, which is derived from the infinity symbol.


Our Roots

Unleashed went through the Founder Institute accelerator program in mid-2016. This Silicon Valley program helped shape some of our ideas around how best to use VR for workplace behavioural training.


Our Team

Our technical team is based in Perth, Australia. We are dedicated XR developers and artists specializing in producing the highest quality immersive projects to suit your organization's needs.


Our Methodology

We have worked with psychologists, researchers, trainers and industry representatives to build an award winning methodology focused on leveraging the unique nature of XR technology to improve behavioural and soft skills. We are the first XR organization to offer a robust training system focused on behavioural and soft skills improvement.


Meet the Team