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We are experienced creators across the full range of immersive technology hardware. As new headsets and devices come and go, our expertise across the full range of technologies will give you the peace of mind that your XR application is using the best technology to reach your vision.

We combine our expertise in design thinking and XR technologies to provide a complete service spanning idea generation through to project delivery


An initial demonstration of XR technologies combined with a concept-storming session is the first phase of our project development process. A thorough understanding of your vision for how XR can best serve your organisation's objectives and vision will help shape project specifications and requirements. In this phase, we will work with you to determine what kind of XR technology will be suit your needs and a rough estimate of resource required can be given.


Phase two of our client partnership process includes the development of a basic prototype of the project. We will prepare visual examples of how your XR application will look like with the primary purpose of receiving your feedback and confirmation on final product design, features and functions. Once we have received your feedback, we will present you with a clear scope document, including requirements, detailed specifications, milestones, costs and timeframes for development.


We will work with your representatives during the initial development phase to confirm the exact content required for the project. Once content has been defined, development of the back-end coding and front-end visuals and audio will commence. Your team will be kept up to date with progress during a weekly status update session and summary report. You will also have the opportunity to test components of the project as specific milestones are met.


Once the program has been complete, we will carry out a series of technical and user tests to ensure seemless operation and experience. Finally, we will have a formal handover and launch of your XR application. This session will include a debrief and training session to ensure you get the most benefit from your project going forward.


Difficult customers training

VR training program focused on helping customer facing staff to increase their confidence and skills when dealing with a range of difficult customers.

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Construction visualisation

Immersive visualisation of a construction project at a mine facility that enabled project managers, builders, engineers and project owners to plan more effectively, decrease wasted time and minimise safety risks

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ArcVis-screenshot ArcVis-screenshot ArcVis-screenshot ArcVis-screenshot

Interactive medical imagery

Allowing medical practitioners to interact with and manipulate a variety of scans using augmented reality technology

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Virtual interview training

Interview training prototype developed in VR to help interviewees prepare for real life interview situations by boosting their ability to practice and build their confidence.

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Introduction to VR training experience

Training simulation teaching new VR users how the technology works and enables them to do things not possible in the real world.

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City tour experience

Using 360 stereoscopic footage, giving people a virtual tour of the Perth CBD area.

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